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The Milkhouse


The Milkhouse is an insulated corner of the big old barn. Right now, it’s the Seedling Room.



  1. david doyle

    hi smallholder,
    I think your dairy i mean diary is really brilliant. i have a 13 acre smallholding and the similarities are amazing, wwoofers, compost loos, supplying market, polytunnel and THE WHEEL HOE – i am about to purchase one and saw your site. i have heavy soil too and this summer was wetter then usual in the Emerald Isle so i was wondering does the hoe work where there is little soil moisture deficit?
    hope to hear from you

  2. david: This summer was wet here too, and we have a quite heavy clay-loam soil. When the ground is fairly moist, I’ve found the wheel hoe works about the same as any other hoe, soil will stick to the blade and reduce efficiency. It’s not a solution when the ground is too wet to use regular hoes. I’d say, when conditions are fine for general hoeing, you can use a wheel hoe to do straight line jobs way quicker!

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