Return of potato fruit

Yukon Gold potato fruit

Almost missed this time around, last seen here four years back: a few of the Yukon Gold potatoes have fruit this year. These are poisonous little, green tomato-like fruit with seeds that you can grow into…potatoes. You can find out more about ’em in this POTATO FRUIT blog post from 2008, when I first ran into then (it’s the most commented post on Tiny Farm Blog!).

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  1. I’ve had potato fruit on all my potatoes this years: Norland, Chaleur, Ratte, All Blue, Irish Gold, all of them.  In my case, I suspect a combination of high soil fertility (I have been quite generous this spring!), cool spring weather and high humidity throughout the season.

  2. So that’s what those are!  I kept finding them when I was digging potatoes last week.

    BTW, I got 79 pounds of potatoes from 3 ten-foot rows.  Is that the expected yield?  High?  Low?  Since I live alone and the cat has no interest in potatoes, I’m gonna be eating a lot of spuds this winter…

  3. I had fruit on a plant I grew in 09… it was a grocery spud that sprouted and my kids and I thought it would be fun to plant it and see what happened…

    I wondered what the fruit were.. thanks for educating me.

  4. I have been growing Maris Peer for 10 years and this year am seeing a lot of the fruits- first time – wondered what they were. It has been a damp and late season for everything this year in Scotland though

  5. Great to know. can potatoes , tomatoes by rubbing thru the plant cause a skin reaction? Collection tomatoes the other day, my skin. Starting getting small welts. It could have been poison ivy, but I don’t think so. Last several years I’ve had this happen, but I didn’t know the plants could bite back!


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