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Oats vs pigweed!

Oats and pigweed

The cover crop-smother crop-green manure oats is doing rather well! Strolling by the several sections checkerboarded through the field is one of my newfound small fall pleasures. It’s so vigorous and vibrant and…vigorous… In different sections, you can also see pigweed and round-leaf mallow in mad profusion, but low to the ground, towered over by the tall, slender stalks (you can spot some pigweed in the pic, but I gotta admit, I chose a shot that favors the pretty oats! :). Question is, will the oats actually SMOTHER its weed competition. I can hardly imagine the near unstoppable pigweed just giving up. And mallow is no lightweight in the pernicious weed department, either. So, WE SHALL SEE!



  1. Steve Mudge

    The Oats may dominate but I’d bet the Pigweed and Mallow produce some seed anyway!

  2. Rhisart Morgan

    Just starting out, growing Oats, what are the most hardy, can they grow in an upland partially wooded area..?
    we have a meadow but we are trying this as an experiment, we are from an organization that is just forming we;re exploring our past for answers to our future, before the industrial revolution in Wales and before England was a country or a language we in the Brythonic tribes grew Oats Barley, weld for dying, as well as woad and madder. It was a system called a Tref and that is Welsh for homestead, but with in that homestead would be 9-11 farms.
    We have had funding to research our past with archeology digs and investigations, so as our projects have come to an end, we are looking at ways to continue exploring but also creating jobs.
    If you grow these plants and we care a small crop growers, with just 2 archers, then we want to grow organically with out pester-sides, so we are looking at green ways to keep bugs and infection off the plants, so if you have any advice we would be very grateful..?
    Cofion Richard Morgan

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