Weird weather day

Transplanting winter squash

This was one of the strangest single days for weather that I can remember. Transplanting more squash in the morning—Michelle is checking out working on the farm one day a week—it was beautifully sunny, with a nice breeze. Around mid-morning, suddenly, it shifted to humid and sticky. I headed in to change into shorts, but before I’d even walked out of the field, the humidity started fading again, so I didn’t bother. A bit later, covering the squash with row cover, a nice breeze from the north, enough to easily float the cover, casually shifted 180°, coming from the south, in the 20 minutes it took to lay down the cover and unfurl the next. Early afternoon, the wind picked up, and within half an hour what had been a largely clear sky had totally clouded over, then, pounding rain and HAIL (not too big, only some leaves got battered, no smashed plants, you can used the bottlecap below for scale). Then back to calm and clear for a couple of hours. Then heavy clouds again, and a massive wind storm that tore some branches off of trees. Then back to…sunny. As extreme as this day’s been, two or three quite drastic changes in a single day have been happening quite a lot recently. This is our new weather…?


3 thoughts on “Weird weather day”

  1. Heh, thats our normal Texas weather you’re describing…they say down here if you don’t like the weather just wait 15 minutes—it’ll change!

  2. Hi everyone! I’m new to the site but thought I would say that this site is great. Love the little updates every day with a pic.

    Which leads me to ask about how do you actually transplant the squash… Do they transplant well? Are they in peat pots? I’ve never had luck transplanting, even in peat pots but especially no good if bought at one of those “big box” stores – they sell them in plastic pots. So now I just plant the seed in the ground. Just curious how others successfully transplant squash.

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