More tiny greenery from the trays! Chives are doing well, they’ve already been out in the sun and wind for a few days to toughen them up, and will be heading to the greenhouse soon to make way for others under the lights. Also in the herb collection this year: sage, parsley, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, dill, oregano, basil, and possibly fennel, marjoram and savory.

Rosemary revival

Rosemary cuttings

A little experiment in vegetative propagation—replicating rosemary from tiny, stressed cuttings. Most of the potted rosemary taken up from the herb garden last season got toasted after too many -20°C nights in the unheated greenhouse (a bit of a random how-cold-can-they-go experiment). These tiny cuttings came from one that was taken indoors earlier. They’re kinda frail and stretched from relatively low light (etiolated is the typically uncommon technical term). They’ve already been three days in the tray, let’s see how they do. (Fast forward to…results!)

Still alive? Not quite well


Rosemary, potted in the Autumn from the herb beds, has taken a bit of beating and probably not survived. It’s weathered several intensely cold nights already, out here in the unheated greenhouse, and I kinda wanted to see if they could make it through the winter. What a difference last night made, not colder than any others, it’s probably the night after night that got ’em. Well, inside they go to see if there’ll be any miraculous recoveries.