Backstage at the farmers’ market: harvest bins

Harvest bins

Rubbermaid storage bins are the main harvest containers again this season (I suppose that’s a plug for Rubbermaid, unintended, it just seems like they’re the only company in the plastic storage bin market!). They’re inexpensive (around $8 each), hold a little over a bushel, and the lids fasten well. They’re easy to clean, and they stack well, loaded and covered, or empty. And they’re durable. I somehow ran over one with the Kubota compact tractor, pulled it back in shape, and it’s in service again. They’ve changed color this year, the new ones available around here are a kinda tacky metallic blue, but that’s no reason to give ’em up. We have about 25, along with a dozen or so green bushel trugs…so I guess that’s the cap for the maximum harvest haul for now! Today at market, there were about 15 of ’em full… Balanced on the edge of one is a stack of three selected gardening books, brought to market for customers to check out…

5 thoughts on “Backstage at the farmers’ market: harvest bins”

  1. What’s in the 2nd bin from the bottom…the bin that looks like tiny carrots? If they are tiny carrots…do you sell them for the greens?  I never thought to try cooking the greens from any of mine.

  2. I actually intend to get one of these harvest bins myself but hold back on my decision due to budget limitation. But after reading some of the benefits and among the list of things it can do to help, I’ll put into consideration this idea once again.

  3. It’s a good product… but it’s not FDA approve. For de same price, you can have Havest Bins FDA approve with UV inhibitor added – resistant to fading…  It’s important to analyse your needs in this way… Buckhorn and MicroBins are a very good mark in the design of harvest containers.

    But I have some Rubbermaid for my house storage and I like it !


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