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Big, ugly, quite tasty

Black Seaman tomato

There are thousands of the tomatoes in the field now, and this Black Seaman is just one of ’em, but a big, gnarly one that caught my eye. Didn’t weigh it, but was probably close to 2 lbs (900 g), and grew in a complete circle. Interesting! Most of the fruit are regular beefsteak shape. Anyhow, I gave this one away, and tasted another one at the same time: not bad, the usual complex “black” tomato taste, a little tart, not the best ever, but still…reasonably fantastic! By the book, Black Seaman is a mid-size (12-16 oz/340-454 g), mid-season, determinate, purple-black, potato-leaf, Russian heirloom—that’s what they say. It’s my first season growing them, waiting for more to ripen before PASSING JUDGEMENT. There you have it.



  1. what a big brute that is! I’m going to plant some next year.

  2. hcgvid

    mmm, looks tasty! Check out High Country Gardens Video Tutorials on Youtube!


  3. Chris

    I always get a few that look like this in my heirlooms.  They form from an unusual flower that looks more like a sunflower than a tomato flower.  Not the easiest tomatoes to pick either.

  4. Not sure what kind of tomato it was, but I just saw one the size of a small pumpkin. Did not realise they could get so big.

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