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Last in!

Last direct seeding of the growing season

Today, the last direct seeding of the season: spinach, radish, Asian greens mix, arugula, and a lettuce blend for baby leaf… Here, Tracy does the honors with the always-generous Earthway seeder, laying down thick lines of Rebel radish. But is it…too late? Well, who knows?! In good summer conditions, all of these crops can be ready to harvest in 40 days or so from seeding, but the sun is getting weaker now. Hopefully, this round will come up fast, catch the last of the reasonably strong light through September—there WILL be lots of sun!—then continue growing slowly until ready for the last couple of markets through the end of October. That is the…plan. Fresh young veggies at season’s end are a welcome treat!  If it doesn’t work out, oh well (and we may get a chance to do a few days at the indoor market in November). In any case, we have the space and the seed, and pushing for the absolute latest planting date seems to me always worth the gamble. Seeing what happens is kinda…exciting!



  1. I’ve got baby lettuce seedlings growing under lights and ready to be planted at the end of next week. Will have more ready the week after that, and then the week after that.
    Then, I start the Brassicas. Gotta love fall gardening. :)

  2. amy

    what are some of the best veggies to plant late in the season?? I’m in Ohio?

  3. Homesteading

    Produce looks great. Glad to hear you had a good year. I to had a great year on the homestead. I love it when I find other folks with the same interest. Even though we do not grow enough to go to market, we do sell some over stock, the rest goes into our kitchen and the livestock. Thanks for the great post. Joe

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