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Carrots like burlap!

Carrots like burlap

The carrot germination experiment worked like a…charm! They were coming up pretty good three days ago, conditions looked great under there (moist, airy, seedlings nice and green), so I left the burlap on a while longer to push the germination rate a bit more, and that worked as well. This bed just had a 10-minute clean-up of some grass and dandelion, and I test cultivated a few feet at this end for smaller weeds getting started. With the moist soil, it’s all easy. Now it’s off with the rest of the covers and time for a little irrigated rain (since Ma Nature is presently not obliging). Excellent!



  1. we are looking at your carrot burlap method…..where could you purchase such long runs of burlap..

    keep warm up there
    cathy mcs

    • After calling around a lot, I found rolls of 4′ burlap at the local big gardening center. They carry landscaping stuff, like large bags of perlite and vermiculite (also hard to find not in bulk). It seemed quite expensive at first, but was well worth it in the end. I did the math here: Burlap expires. Hope I can find more for this season!

  2. louise

    i am curious – exactly how do you do your carrot method – i would like to try that. thanks

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