Cutting spinach

Spinach cutting close-up

Spinach has kinda been the star of the harvest for the last couple of weeks. After a “normal” summer—hot and dry for the last three years—it’s usually not around at this time of year due to poor germination. This season, with cloudy, cooler days and all the rain, spinach is in abundance: glossy, deep green, succulent, full of flavor. Libby and Lynn chop away, cutting an inch or two up the stems. This technique takes out the small new growth leaves, but it’s fast and efficient, and the plants still grow back for a second harvest. The alternate picking-single-leaves approach is more laid back, great for leisurely field chats—this harvest, we opted for quick…

Libby and Lynn cutting spinach

Nothing like teamwork: head down, knife in hand, side by side…

Harvesting spinach

My, what a nice, wide path!

3 thoughts on “Cutting spinach”

  1. Congratulations on your healthy looking spinach >might try growing some next year since cannot find tinned spinach in shops now although organic  tinned spinach and mushrroom soup is purhasable on internet >I do feel compulsed to buy spinach to try and look mor e healthy and give me more strength to get on with gardening .Haven’t even got green house going at all this year  Well looking at your spinach that can be grown – well that is an incentive to get on with the work after illness.I keep thinking of  “Popeye The Sailor Man ” cartoon character having the strength to do his woork -so wil  lprobably have to buy the spinach and mushroom soup .it was good of you to show your spinach crop .

  2. I would like to find out where I can buy the knives that were used in the fields to cut the spinach. They were kind of round at the blade not the handle..thank you.


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