Fantastic egg tray technology!

Egg trays

OK, so they’re just regular cardboard egg trays from the commercial kitchen world, and they’ve probably been around exactly like this for decades. BUT, they haven’t been around HERE. Lynn recycled them from Shelter Valley Folk Festival, where she was last week, where they were feeding big groups of volunteers. The trays are fantastic! Our chickens produce only about two dozen eggs a day, but that still adds up. I’d been keeping them at first in regular one-dozen cartons, then in bowls and small baskets. It was getting a little out of control. Now, they simply, efficiently stack in the fridge, 30 per tray. Every second week, like today, we bring a bunch to the farmers’ market as a bonus in the CSA shares, and the trays make transport a lot easier as well. Amazing. :)

10 thoughts on “Fantastic egg tray technology!”

  1. Aren’t those trays great? Even with only 4-6 eggs a day I find them a great way to keep eggs in the fridge for our use. When the tray gets full I know it’s time to start gifting eggs to friends and family. 

  2. I enjoy your blog.
    The trays are great, I have even heard of one musician lining the room of his studio with them…as good sound insulation!
    Just need to train the chickens to lay directly into them (: 

  3. I grew up getting our eggs from the local (factory) egg farm.  They had a retail stand right in their sorting room — complete with a window to look into one of the coops.  Always got our eggs in flats like that, wasn’t until they closed that I learned eggs where sold in anything else! 

    Owner shakes his head at the egg prices today — for the price of eggs at the supermarket, he says he couldn’t have covered his cost for grain 20 years ago when he folded.

  4. Since when do you have chickens!? Jeez I sure haven’t been around in awhile… good to see things are going so well for you! And your onions from the other post look awesome too. :-)

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