Found: chives, spinach, rhubarb…

Chives, spinach, rhubarb in a bin

Harvest for the second farmers’ market of the season was OK, but still what I think of as kinda found crops. There’s the first market harvest ever of rhubarb, a binful (20 bundles or so) from the fairly giant patch (about 60 divisions) planted three years ago—kinda stubby, compared to the more sheltered rhubarb behind the farmhouse, but tasty all the same. There’s also 15 lbs (6.8kg) of all-lettuce mesclun from the greenhouse, around 10lbs (4.5kg) of new-growth spinach from a few beds planted last fall, 15 pounds of Jerusalem artichoke, some chives, overwintered and in full return in the herb garden, and a few bags of arugula. Enough to keep our hand in at the market, but I’m really waiting on new stuff from the field…!


5 thoughts on “Found: chives, spinach, rhubarb…”

  1. Mike,
    I’m very frustrated by how slow things have been growing at my place. There should have been 37 pounds of salad mix, picked only a bit over a pound. The weather and temps are unseasonably cold. Hopefully the rain, and now sun, will push a growth spurt. By the way green garlic is a big hit.

  2. My stuff is finally starting to grow at a rapid pace. The lettuce has been doing the best so far, but the corn (yes I planted REALLY early corn), field garlic, cucumbers, watermelon and everything else have really picked up the pace and are looking strong now.

    Can you pick corn or lettuce multiple times by the way?

  3. Hi! I just ran across your “Tiny Farm Blog” and I love it so much!!!!
    I am definitely addicted to all you write!!!
    I look forward to reading every bit of everything you have archived on this site!
    Peace and Love to you!!!
    Constance Burger

  4. Hi I just found your blog and just love the fact you’re growing such beautiful vegetables near Montreal. How do you do it? I grow in the Santa Cruz Mountains and it’s cold at night. We have had a chilly, windy Spring and only get 4 hours of sun on part of the garden. Any ideas?


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