Spargo spinach growing slowly in cool May weather

When you look back at last May on this tiny farm, overall, the state of the field isn’t all that different, BUT, the really cool nights for much of the month have slowed growth noticeably. Compare the first planting of spinach today, to the near ready crop of a week earlier last season. It’s the same for mesclun, beets, and chard. Snap beans are taking forever to germinate. And so forth. We’ll definitely be going to market at least a week later with the first field spinach and lettuce. Oh well, with all of the different crops going, bad weather for some benefiting others, it’ll overall catch up and more or less even out, I’m sure. It just about always does…

3 thoughts on “Slow…”

  1. Us too up here in Montana! Slow season compared to last….but I keep thinking perhaps this is more normal.

  2. Our weather has just started to significantly warm in New England – I got careless at the end of April with a fake warmup and my transplants have been really slow because of it.   I will chalk it up to beginner’s folly (my first year growing veggies) but they are all surviving.

  3. i love all the images you post alongside your articles! they are so artistic and always fantastic captures! keep up the great job!

    and it is a slower season this year… i was hoping it would be a little more quicker but you can’t have it all…


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