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Roofing the stand

Screwing down galvanized steel roofing

Finally got around to putting the roof on the farm stand. We recycled the old galvanized steel roofing that was replaced during the Milkhouse extension last fall. In the end, a quick job, three hours or so of matching pieces, handing them up one by one (watch the wind), and screwing ’em down. Luckily, there was very little cutting to do, sheets of old metal can be a real nightmare for slicing and gashing (working without gloves, I nicked a finger only once—every so often, it’s good to see a little bit of your own blood running red and true :). In the pic, I’m screwing things down while Bob selects sections. The farm stand is definitely not on course for the ambitious plans of earlier this season, but in good tiny farming fashion, it’s moving along! (Guest photo by Mami.)



  1. Hey, the stand is looking great! Ready for next season; just maybe? Very exciting, and glad to see you using recycled materials to put it up.

  2. Did you follow a building plan for your farmstand, and if so where did you find it?  Iam planning to build my own stand and not finding any resourses for plans.

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