Photo shoot!

Posed photo: Shannon, Raechelle, Mike

What a funny thing: an instant photo shoot in the field! A few days ago, I (reluctantly) did an interesting-people-in-the-community interview/profile for one of the local newspapers, and early today, I got an email asking for a photo, or the columnist could come out and snap one. They were on a same-day deadline. I said I’d send something along in a couple of hours. Shannon (who’s here every day till June) was working with Raechelle, here on her day-a-week, so I asked them to come up with the photo concept, location, and do the, uh, art/set direction—anything but a typical, kinda impersonal shot of a guy with a field in the background. Karen (Bob’s partner) had dropped by in a wheelchair, her first time at the farm in weeks since breaking her leg. She takes nice pics, so I asked her if she’d do the shoot, and wheeled her into the field with my camera. The concept was: S and R would pretend to mulch the garlic (the mulching’s done, but it’s the only really visible crop in the field), and I’d be around, holding a…well, digging fork (closest thing to a pitchfork, I guess). Anyhow, Karen snapped away, and for an alternate they came up with feet in the air. We emailed both, with a tighter cropping on the top one so it’s about square, with the left chopped out. I found it quite hilarious, because in a past life, I’ve attended and organized “real,” sometimes ridiculously expensive, studio and location photo shoots, with creative meetings, stylists, props, shooting permits and cops detouring traffic, the whole bit. Recreating all the basic parts in an hour or so, in the field, with whoever was around, was great! Devolution on the tiny farm… :) I wonder which one they’ll pick… (Guest photos by Karen.)

Kicking up heels in the garlic beds

17 thoughts on “Photo shoot!”

  1. Definitely the second one!  Both would be even better!  Like the farmer at my CSA says when we’re helping out there, “It’s got to be fun!”

  2. Surprise, they didn’t pick the people’s choice! They went for the first photo. Raechelle does have nice smile! Cropped really tightly around the three of us, blown up a lot bigger than it is here, and in black and white, it looked pretty good… Oh well! ;)

  3. Hello Mike,
    I must admit, that art direction and location choice are great!
    Second pic makes me little suspicious… hmmm…. you all work too hard :)

  4. Hey! It’s Mike!
    I’ve gotta know: what’s on your shirt? My initial reaction was that it’s Jersey Devils t-shirt, but that can’t be right …
    I also like the second shot, but I guess they decided to go for something more conventional :P

  5. Meg: No, not the Devils. The T is a relic from a past life, it has a big “C” on the front, for Conart, it’s a graff/hip hop gear company. I have a bunch of formerly, I guess, trendy underground T’s that I mostly got for free when I was involved in the music biz… (More about me…) I use ’em up, wear ’em out in the field… Cotton is cotton! ;)


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