Snow carrot harvest

Lynn and Rae: after the harvest

What’s a little snow when there’s crispy-sweet CARROTS buried under there? Lynn (the new Celebrity Farmer) and Raechelle headed up the field late this subzero afternoon, digging forks in hand, and scored sackfuls of Nelson and Napoli, no problem. It’s been well below zero (32°F) recent nights, and for the last couple of days as well, but the ground isn’t nearly frozen, and the layer of snow, fresh from overnight, actually acts as an insulator and helps soften it up. For now… The season’s not over until we SAY it’s over… :)

Carrots under snow


9 thoughts on “Snow carrot harvest”

  1. This is great! Now our afternoon of harvesting and washing lettuce in 40 degree F doesn’t seem quite so brutal. But it would have been nice to have some mittens instead of plunging bare hands into that icy wash water!

  2. When I saw your pictures I wondered if you wished you had marked and labeled your rows long before the snow fell. I grow in raised beds and once the snow comes down I know I have to push my old brain to remember where the carrots are, the parsnips are …

  3. I have never seen snow in my life. I love to see Snow… and my kids too. I tell them (Carol and Olivia) stories of two children (Ivan and Eva) living in Norway and then travelling to Snow covered places in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Canada and Alaska. Rae and Lynn are surely happy and the smile on their face tells that. I will show my kids your blog and I am sure they will love it…!!
    And hey, I am going to the Canadian immigration consultant pretty soon to fix my trip to Canada…

  4. I saw the word Lettuce somewhere in your Blog. I got 2 packets of seeds for Lettuce and Beets from my brother living in Ireland. I want to plant them here in Kerala, India. We are having cool winters (10-20 deg C) it is not winter…though. But we are able to grow Cabbages and Cauliflower here. I am looking for some tips to grow Lettuce and Beet root.


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