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Water in the air!

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow… I’m as skeptical as ever, still, as illogical as it is, you figure it’s gotta rain EVENTUALLY, so the longer it’s been, the more accurate the latest “60% chance of showers” forecast must be. Until then, we continue the piecemeal irrigation effort, with a combination…


Farmer in field

Hand watering in the field

Conall watering in mesclun in the late afternoon. Even on busy harvest Friday, plants need water if they’ve had no rain. Guest photo by Erin, with a different than usual, no less…realistic, view of the field. There’s nothing like being there to see for yourself! I cropped the photo to fit the format, but it’s the original that just catches a certain tiny farm feeling…


Water work

We’ve been watering heavily (well, as heavily as our gear allows) for what seems like weeks. Rain has been teasing us, 5mm a few days ago after an impressive, all-day cloud build-up; last night, 2mm following a brilliant extended lightning show and promising bit of a shower that soon faded…

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Wheel turning

Life moves fast through our short growing season. Lushness and abundance peak and fade quickly into decline. The garlic, so green and promising only a few weeks ago, is already dying back, ready for harvest by month’s end. (Here, we’re splurging on a watering by sprinkler; I’m not sure of…

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Pond and pump

With only a little over an inch (25mm) of rain for most of June, and a near constant breeze on top of sun and heat to help dry things out quicker, we’ve had to hit the pond. Full irrigation here is a time-consuming process, involving dragging around and repositioning a…