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The Friday harvest

If it’s Friday… This week’s big harvest was the smoothest yet, with everything in, sorted, rinsed, bundled, bagged and COUNTED by around 8:30 pm. The crew this week: Sherry, Andrea, Molana, Lynn, Cezary, Conall and me. I’m over being slightly unnerved by the number of people—my reflex is still to…



Somehow, bicycles figure quite prominently in this season of people in the field. Everyone comes in one or two days a week each, mostly from the town 12 miles (19km) away. Andrea and Jo both usually bike in and get a lift back with Conall. There are combinations of lifts,…

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Beet greens harvest

Andrea and Conall harvest Cioggia beet greens in the hot mid-afternoon sun. In tiny farming, it seems that every action has several different effects and offsets, some good, some not so, and a balance, hopefully leaning to the positive side, is struck each time. Here, harvesting greens in the heat…