Garlic selection

Garlic for sale…?

Garlic selection

It’s never too early to make sure you have enough garlic to seed next year’s crop. Local garlic is kind of a cult item, people who want it get quite intense about stocking up, whether for winter or to finally take a shot at growing their own. And it’s somehow hard to resist selling your every last bulb… It’s not a money thing, because it costs me just about exactly what I make to buy back the same quantity, it’s that people seem so happy to have gotten some.

I’ve chatted with independent garlic growers small and large, and overselling your stock seems to be quite common. As a bonus to saving rather than buying every season, selecting the best bulbs as seed garlic from your own harvest may eventually result in an improved strain for your particular plot (the way garlic reproduces via vegetative cloning, I’m not sure what genetic science says about this as an improvement strategy, but it certainly can’t hurt!).

Every year, I go through this same bit of reasoning…and can’t resist loading up another bushel for market… This year, I had the urge to check my garlic suppliers earlier than ever before (at some point every year, they run out), and a couple of quick calls today gave me added incentive. Apparently, seed garlic is selling out fast, possibly because of an apparently growing public aversion to garlic from China (that’s where much of the cheap supermarket garlic comes from). Last year, I was able to get garlic in November. Now, my big wholesaler of certified organic Music thinks he might be sold out by next week! Time to start selecting…


30 thoughts on “Garlic for sale…?”

  1. we are marketer/agent for company who are willing to buy products like garlic,ginger and so on.we would like to work with your company as a representative for sales of your products.
    we would be glad to hear from you as soon as possible.
    Best Regards

  2. I am a small home gardener, with less than 25 acres.
    I would like to sample as many of the 10 class of garlic, so I can find out what I like best.
    So I need small amounts of large varieties as possible.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Do you have seed garlic for sale? If not, do you have a possible supplier for a small quantity (about 1000 ) of seeds?

  4. Hello,
    We are in grow zone 5
    We have garlic that will grow in all different grow zones in the USA.
    We have rocambole, Turban, Creole and many different heirloom, heritage
    varieties of garlic bulbs.

  5. Hi sir / madam I am looking for a large quantity of garlic. Could you please tell me were you situated and prices of ur garlic. Tx I await your response

    1. dear sir
      good day to you

      what is the price of garlic per kg and where are you based i am in durban

      victor moodley

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