Spicy greens

Arugual, tatsoi, mizuna, red mustard

Although we haven’t had frost and the weather’s been overall incredibly mild, it’s still the fall cool season crops that’re doing best. Here, a mix of spicy brassicas, grown entirely in the post-flea beetle season—no row cover and no holes! There’s arugula, mizuna, tatsoi (a kind of bok choi), and red mustard. It’s a zesty, peppy salad on its own, or mix with lettuce. The leaves are a little past the baby greens stage—they’re growing so fast—so just tear ’em up! (That’s what I say at the farmers’ market… :) Oh, and while the weeds have slowed down dramatically, they’re still around: can you spot the mallow?

2 thoughts on “Spicy greens”

  1. That stuff looks great! We’ve got some of the same in starter pots waiting for the weather to cool–still around 90 during the day; unfortunately, while sitting in the pots they’re being attacked by cabbage loopers and snails….arrgghhh! But with the warm fall weather the okra, peppers, green beans, lima beans, and tomatoes are putting out bumper crops!

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