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Tag: fall crops

In the cold garden

The star by far of the last planting of brassicas, that mostly didn’t size up in time for market or CSA, is without at doubt this unusual Nero Di Toscana strap kale. This Italian heirloom, apparently from Tuscany, is hardly better looking than the cold-beaten rest of the motley-looking crew:…


Fall crop watch

After a good weeding and another round of rainy days, the fall brassicas are pretty well on their own. It’s amazing how quickly growth slows down in September—what a difference the sun pulling away makes! The kale and collards are doing fine—we’ll be harvesting some Red Russian kale tomorrow. Broccoli…


Fall crops

Not much to look at, yet, but the last plantings of 50-day-plus fall crops are doing fine. Here, carrots and, protected from flea beetles by floating row cover, one of two sections of brassicas, including broccoli, cauliflower and kale. There’s a bit of timing risk here, depending on the weather,…