Friday harvest to Saturday market

Farmers' market August 2011

Friday’s harvest to Saturday’s market is the way it is! We still go direct from field to stand, with no cooler in between, and that seems to work out. And the stand itself hasn’t changed much in the last few seasons: raw cedar bins on boards on sawhorses, baskets up front, under the 10’x10′ E-Z UP canopy. What’s new is our latest in DIY veggie sign technology: the usual cards printed in marker with description and price, but now mounted with tape on long, thin coffee stir sticks, stuck right in with the produce. Anyhow, good weather, a decent turnout, a fine morning all round!

5 thoughts on “Friday harvest to Saturday market”

  1. Hey Mike!  So glad to hear again from you.  With the recent turmoils on your tiny farm(s), I was really worried you burned out and gave up.  What a relief to see you’re still going strong!
    As you know, your blog as been a great source of inspiration for me.  For years, I daydreamed of my own small produce farm while reading your blog, and now, I am living it!  I’m growing part-time on 1/3 of an acre (10 available to me).  Half-way through the season, I am completely exhausted, but so proud of what I accomplished so far!  It’s been a great experience, and like your farm, people are an important part of it.  My wife, the kids, parents and relatives, my neighbors buying the veggies … This is not a business, it’s a community I am building!
    What I like most about your blog, Mike, is that you are very candid in discussing your mistakes and setbacks, and the trade-offs you are making.  It is important for a beginner to read a non-idealized account of the trade.  What I realize by doing now is that mistake do happen.  Sometime, you do run out of time to weed, forget about spraying Bt, harvest vegetables past prime, etc.  It’s all good.  We are doing what we can we what we’ve been given.  I like reading your blog because your Zen reminds me to look at the big picture, not the details, to judge the quality of my work. And so far, it’s looking good overall!  :)
    You talk about refrigeration in your post.  That’s the thing I am seriously considering now that I am mid-way through my first season. I am doing multiple delivery to two semi-wholesale accounts a couple times a week, on top of the Saturday farmer’s market. Having to harvest at the last minute every time really stretch me.  And the 18 hours marathon on Friday to prepare the farmer market is starting to get not-fun. A cooler would really help managing a tight schedule.  I am really considering it for 2012.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!  I hope to be reading you for a long time to come!

  2. Grats on the beautiful produce!  I wish we had some of that ‘great weather’ you speak of.  It’s 100F and hasn’t rained in months down here :(.

  3. EtienneG: Thanks! About the cooler, it’s definitely worth doing, I just haven’t…gotten around to it. Just being able to harvest beans and peas, that can take forever to pick, on a day other than your main harvest day, would be well worth it. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. I saw a great cooler last year that was just square straw bales stacked to make a room in the corner of a garage, with an old air conditioner above the door. Seemed to be working great, and without running the AC much!


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