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What’s new at the farmers’ market…

Freshly-loaded farmers' market stand

Ahhh, something new on the farmers’ market stand: BEANS in three colors (we had the first green beans last week)! There’s yellow (Indy Gold), purple (Royal Burgundy), and of course, green (Jade). One way I watch the season unfold is through the debut market days for the headliner crops, the big people pleasers. Lettuce is always the first up, a hit partly because it’s the first fresh veg of the season. Then, roughly in order, there’s spinach, peas, carrots, beans, garlic, and tomatoes. Strawberries and corn are also standard hits around here, but we don’t grow berries, and when we do have corn, it’s only for CSA shares. I find it odd that these particular veggies are so generally popular. What about delicate and delicious summer squash, lightly grilled? Versatile and tasty beets, diced and broiled, or grated raw with carrots in salad? Beet greens and Swiss chard, sauteed in butter and olive oil? The list goes on and on… Just about ALL of the 20+ basic garden veggies we grow are equally great to me, but that’s not the case for most people. Curious…



  1. Carrots must love the rain – yours look huge!  From what I’ve read of cooler/wetter climes, carrots and potatoes thrive so I suppose your summer of damp is no exception!

  2. Andrea: Yeah, carrots, potatoes, beets, weree all loving the extreme wetnes, so it’s good for something! As of the last couple of days, the weather’s changed, it looks to be hot and sunny for the next couple of weeks. I’m wearing shorts now, checking the forecast for the next rain, thinking about irrigation!

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