Early lettuce heats up

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Couple hundred not-so-early early lettuce, toughing it out in the semi-sauna-like greenhouse, along with seedlings that should be out in the field soon. This year, we went from chilly late winter conditions to summer-ish heat, with absolutely no mild spring in between—one day to the next. Always exciting (never dull)!

2 thoughts on “Early lettuce heats up”

  1. I noticed your blog, because you stated your farm is in MO, (born and raised near hannibal).

    I have raised Simpson Elite in the Southeast where I lived. Mostly i raise cool crops in the fall because the heat in the Southeast. This year I tried Salanova, from Johnnie’s seeds. I tried it in the spring, but can’t wait to try it in the fall.

    Leaf lettuce is not grown by many in the Southeast, and they don’t know about wilted lettuce salad.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.


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