To the greenhouse

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To the greenhouse

Tomato, eggplant and pepper seedlings heading out from the Milkhouse (seedling room) to the unheated hoophouse for some real sunlight and a taste of the harsher field conditions, before transplant time in a couple of weeks. The small riding mower does double duty, mowing the paths and ferrying around seedlings, tools, harvests.

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  1. I’m actually starting about 4000 tomatoes, peepers and eggplants indoors right now.  This is my first attempt at growing seedlings, and my plan is to move the plug trays out to the unheated hoophouse before potting up before selling them.  My question is:  When you move the seedlings out to the hoophouse, how do you harden them, off?  (the same as regular hardening off, or can you just throw them in there and leave them).  I love your blog, and I’de really appreciate any advice – as I’m starting to have small panic attacks when I think about killing all these plants after moving them from the safety of my seed room!)



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