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Garlic all in

Harvesting the last of the garlic

Harvested in three parts over the last week, the garlic is now all in! This crop seems to’ve done well once again (I LOVE growing garlic!). For the first time, there’s a small pile of damaged goods, water-logged from all the rain. But overall, things are looking good. The combination of oat straw (from last fall’s cover crop) and grass mulch worked great (below)—weeds were kept down, and although the paths weren’t as heavily mulched as around the plants, they weren’t bad. We’ve been having trouble starting the riding mower, which means no trailer, so the tractor bucket took its place for transport duties. The garlic is stacked on pallets in the barn. Lynn seems to’ve taken to garlic harvesting and went to town: fork and pull, fork and pull…around 3,000 garlic bulbs hit the local food chain!

Transporting garlic in the front end loader



  1. Wow!  That’s a heck of a lot of garlic!

  2. Sheri

    I love growing garlic too! It’s so great when you pull up that first one and wow…a big bulb o’ garlic! I grew a lot of Music this year and it grew really well. I also had 3 from Seeds of Diversity that I grew out for them. What did you grow?

  3. This is the first time I’ve seen a garlic farm and it’s sure awfully lots of them. Maybe I should try to plant it on a small plot of land. Looks tempting to me.

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