Odds-and-ends omelet

Omelet slice

Preparing and gazing at food can bring as much enjoyment as growing, sharing and eating it! I’m really not a cook, but with fresh, quality ingredients, whipping up something appetizing is…simple. For our field lunch today, an omelet made from stuff at hand: eggs, cooked chicken with a little store-bought prosciutto, a black tomato (from Raechelle’s home garden), garlic, onions, basil and 4-year-old cheddar cheese. Chopped garlic and onions were sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, then the chicken and prosciutto were added to warm up. Out with the filling, in with eggs, lightly beaten with salt, pepper and a little powdered cayenne pepper. As the omelet started to set, the meat was sprinkled on, and the whole thing topped with thin slices of tomato, grated cheese, and basil. Quick, easy…

Omelet topped with cheese and basil

…and pretty tasty. Everything except the ham, salt, pepper, cayenne and oil came from the farm, or nearby. We ate in the field… :)

Chicken and veg omelet

2 thoughts on “Odds-and-ends omelet”

  1. this is what tiny farming is all about!
    growing food…then taking the time to explore it, create with it, enjoy it, be nourished by it.  and when all of that is experienced while laying in the field in the sweet august sun…perfect.

  2. wow! That looks awesome. I can’t wait to make one for myself.

    I’ll have to use store bought eggs, but I can use my own cayenne as well as other veggies. I keep wishing I had a few chickens in my backyard. I’m just worried it would be too much work for me, especially in the middle of the winter. I’ll have to look for a source of local eggs.


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