Tomato seedlings

Jostling tomatoes

Tomato seedlings

Tomatoes that appeared in their 200-cell trays only a couple of weeks ago are already competing hard (using the old let-my-leaves-overlap-yours tactic) with their neighbors, fighting for a place under the fluorescent sun. A month ago, every seedling looked like a little miracle to be celebrated. Today, they’re an insistent, unrelenting horde, pressing for better conditions NOW. The timing pressure is starting to mount, with the greenhouse to finish and field preparation (aka sod-busting) ongoing. The calendar is getting ready to flip a page, and the 15-day temperature forecast is pointing UP. At this point, after the long wait of winter, and the slow ease into spring, everything suddenly moves so FAST. Remain calm! :)


7 thoughts on “Jostling tomatoes”

  1. I know what you mean, my little veggie and flower sproutlings are all crammed into every available window ledge and under every fluorescent lamp I have, all just waiting for space and sun. I gotta keep some of them from sticking their roots into their neighbour’s pots too.

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