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Tag: dirty hands

Play in mud!

A mid-winter flashback to one of my favorite farm photos—it’s just so…hands-on. On the tiny farm, many of the things we otherwise consider inconvenient, like rain and MUD, are actually just fine. Sunny days are NICER, but there’s plenty of room for wet as well. Originally posted on Friday, Aug.…


Starting more seed!

Finally, today seemed like the right time to start the main wave of seedlings! Lynn dropped by to look around, stir up some seed starting mix, and add to the dirty hands collection. This particular dirt isn’t all that dirt-y, it’s actually only peat moss, from the half-and-half perlite-plus-peat mix…


Dirty Hands 1

A random collection of hands gotten dirty in the field. Here, Rachelle and Melissa, after transplanting tomatoes (you can see some of Melissa’s fibreglass-reinforced nails, which held up to the job!)…

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