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Tag: catalogs

Hitting the books

The first new seed catalog came in three weeks ago, but the first from the two seed companies I mostly use arrived on Friday. Today, I took a quick look, checking to see what’s new, but mainly making sure that reliable stand-bys are still around. Dusky eggplant, that manages to…


First catalog

In today’s mail, the first seed catalog of the season! They start arriving around this time every year, it’s always been EXCITING, and now is no different. What I said last year just about covers it once again. I strive to live in the moment and enjoy every day, but….SPRING…


Chicken catalogs

There’s a catalog for everything. Bob dropped off two with chickens (turkeys, ducks, pheasants, partridge and quail, too). I’m looking at dual purpose birds… It’s pretty sure that chickens will return in small numbers to the farm this year, but not a done deal till April. For me, it’s a…