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Tag: tomato

Big, ugly, quite tasty

There are thousands of the tomatoes in the field now, and this Black Seaman is just one of ’em, but a big, gnarly one that caught my eye. Didn’t weigh it, but was probably close to 2 lbs (900 g), and grew in a complete circle. Interesting! Most of the…


Weekly Harvest Share #2

A pretty satisfying second installment of our “experimental” Weekly Harvest Share:  “Like CSA, but one week at a time…”! Satisfying because, for the first time this season, harvest day felt kinda normal, with around 20 items harvested, enough variety to have to pick what went into the shares. And the…


Jostling tomatoes

Tomatoes that appeared in their 200-cell trays only a couple of weeks ago are already competing hard (using the old let-my-leaves-overlap-yours tactic) with their neighbors, fighting for a place under the fluorescent sun. A month ago, every seedling looked like a little miracle to be celebrated. Today, they’re an insistent,…